XYM Website

Website design
2008, redesign 2010

XYM is a project by Yngve Holen and Marlie Mul
Design with Per Törnberg and Joel Galvez

XYM is a web-based project bringing you the longest short-term temporary and transient yet constant database of possibilities to download individual Portable Data Format (.pdf) publications.

XYM – www.xym.no

XYM presents a wide range of artists. The artists become the author and editor of a freely downloadable pdf file, which is available for a fixed amount of time.
Within the given format, not exceeding a download friendly 25 MB, a self-generating launching base sets the framework for a diverse number of voluminous artistic data files, literally functioning between the margins of your computer screen and the edges of your desk.

Per Törnberg – www.pertornberg.com
Joel Galvez – www.joelgalvez.com