We've Got 48 Hours – Newspaper

Newspaper – 2011
Tabloid format, 63 x 47 cm

We've got 48 hours is a self-initiated project developed in a
two-week timeframe at the 2011 Werkplaats Typografie Summer
School at ISIA in Urbino, Italy.

The newspaper was developed as an experiment into media representation of the intangible notion of time. I chose the daily newspaper as source material to work with, as it is in itself a very clear and direct representation of time.

I selected pictures of watches from various newspapers, illustrating time in a very literal sense. The images found were mostly of men, their facial gestures, and position of the hands often tensed up. The cover of the newspaper underlines the feeling of running out of time.

Special thanks to the Summer School tutors Maureen, Armand, Karel, Michele for the paper, Muge, Etienne and everyone else involved.

WT/SS www.summerschool-wt.isiaurbino.net