Public Relations Moscow
Exhibition & program

Social design exhibition &
cultural program Public Library of the 1st of May, Moscow, Russia September 2013

Public Relations is an initiative by Karolien Buurman and Eline Mul. Graphic design by Timur Akhmetov & Asger Behncke Jacobsen. Interior structure by Overtreders W. Public Relations showcases the work of a group of young Russian and Dutch artists from a wide scope of applied arts: photography, graphic design, video art, textiles, ceramics and industrial design. During the exhibition, which is based on the physical appearance of a café, the artists create new work facilitating an interaction between people and the exhibition space. This interaction is also stimulated through a versatile program of workshops, lectures, viewings and parties. The purpose of the exhibition is to encourage artistic development and cultural exchange between the Netherlands and Russia. Participating artists NL: Werker Magazine, Bitcaves, Jonas Lund, Thomas Raat, Red Light Radio, Louella Hacquette, Job Wouters, Rafaël Rozendaal, DUS Architects, Jacob Raeder, Piet Langeveld, Os and Oos, Anika Schwarzlose, JC Herman. Participating artists/organisations RUS: Strelka Institute, Higher School of Economics, Stay Hungry, Theory & Practice, Wonderzine, W-O-S, Roman Gornitsky, Protey Temen, Dima Kavko, Anna Naumova, Kirill Blagodatskikh and others. Exhibition was part of the NLRF2013 programming. [ Public Relations]