Plot for Film & Foam Exhibition

For &Foam December 2012 - January 2013 In collaboration with Karolien Buurman / Shift Works, and Femke Dekker

&Foam invited us to propose an exhibition concept relating to the theme ‘film’. The result was PLOT, a site specific installation created by four artists who took turns in making &Foam their temporary residency. Each artist had two weeks to produce his or her own movie, which was then shown at &Foam for the duration of the exhibition. Referring to both the location where the installation was assembled as well as the narrative structure employed by the artists in their work, PLOT literally and figuratively placed them outside of their common context and medium by creating this temporary workspace. PLOT encompassed a reflective inquiry into the use of a new medium for the artists as well as the artists own ability to (re)position themselves in unfamiliar territory. 4 participating artists: Danish artist and photographer Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen, who seeks tactile ways to express human relations and relations between man and nature. Rotterdam based artist Marijke Appelman, works contains everyday situations and materials resulting in an urban environmental art. Photographers Kim Boske and Sarah Mei Herman, joined forces for the first time since graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague in 2005. And whereas Boske has always focused on the passing and dissolving of time, Herman has focused more on thresholds and transitions between people. And Turkish artist Artun Alaska Arasli, an installation artist whose work is concerned with the concept of coping, notions of time and the survival of the self. Also on view was a selection of works by Meeus van Dis, Michael Crowe, Gustaf Mantel, Mike Anderson, Petra Noordkamp, Alex Prager & Gabor Ösz, who reinterpret classic cinematic structures by for instance capturing the essence of movie moments in infinite stills or magnifying and altering classic staging notions. On December 20th Shadow Festival director Stefan Majakowski came to talk about the work of cinematographer Peter Watkins and show his 1965 classic ‘War Game’.