Otis Design Week – Workshop by Adam Michaels Saab 9-3 book

Otis College of Art and Design 4th annual Design Week Workshop #2 June 19-21, 2014 For more information go [http://www.otis.edu/graduate-graphic-design/press-release/celebrated-graphic-designers-artists-to-converge-design-week here].

Workshop #2) Adam Michaels / Project Projects : Write about your ideal working space. Make and design a book around this writing. — Designing From Liminal Spaces — Both real and fictional, as it exists in past, present and future simultaneously, the car and its confines represent the ideal active and reciprocal space to exist and create in. Its space portable, its place random, the car represents a new type of space that temporarily extends the home, that I can enter and leave when I have arrived at my goal, while waiting patiently to bring me further or back to where I began. Traveling through the streets and across the highway, I freely follow a predetermined grid. The car reacts directly to its driver, its user(s) and its surroundings – an interaction between players.