MoMA – Looking at Jerry Lewis
Exhibition Graphics

The Museum of Modern Art
October 6, 2018–March 3, 2019
Curated by: Ron Magliozzi, Brittany Shaw

Art direction & design:
Olya Domoradova & Eline Mul
Creative direction: Rob Giampietro

Few stars from the golden age of Hollywood studios valued looking – and being looked at – more than American comedian/filmmaker Jerry Lewis. He made acknowledging his audience an essential aspect of the “comedy of looks” that characterized his work.

With this in mind we created an animation that combines slowed down footage from The Nutty Professor, where people stare straight into the camera in awe at Buddy’s transformed character.

While pushing out the slow-motion film footage, the exhibit title stretches and squeezes itself onto the screen. The blunt type and big flashing arrow stress the comedic aspect of Jerry Lewis’ work, operating as an eyesore and attracting the museum visitor to take a look.