DEP. Nightclub
Creative direction & production

Temporary (night)club
February – June 2010

Dep. was a temporary bar in the centre of Amsterdam. In collaboration with the initiators of Dep. Patta and Precinct Five and the creative directors of the bar Femke Dekker, Vincent Vos and Karolien Buurman I worked as a creative director, event organizer and graphic designer for Dep.

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Dep. –

For the 4 months we were open we had an amazing playground in a central location to programme dance nights, concerts, small exhibitions and one-off events. Open from Thursdays to Saturdays, Dep. soon became very popular – people were queuing up every weekend to experience the events.

Patta, Precinct 5, Femke Dekker, Vincent Vos, Cafe George, Stanislavski

Parool, Elle Amsterdam Now, NLagenda, ILOVEFAKE